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We need a way to run diagnostics on Ember CLI based projects to let developers know about potential system level incompatibilities. Developers should also be able to get a bill of health for their project for things like outdated dependencies. This bill of health should also be extensible. Output from running this command should be as consise and only ever log things that don't seem healthy.


The motivation behind this is 2 pronged:

  1. Allows developers to submit system level information in pull requests, so that bugs can be filed and potentially replicated.
  2. Gives developers the ability to know about the health of their project and to potentially help with stagnation.

Detailed design

The design for this is rather simple. We would first introduce a command called ember doctor that would run some default checks. The default checks would do the following:

  • Run ember v --verbose and complain loudly for incompatible versions
  • Run npm outdated --depth 0 to check on outdated modules
  • Run bower list and display out of date bower components
  • Run check to grab OS information

These are what is considered default checks.

In your project developers can setup their own Doctor checks that get merged in with the default checks. To allow for this Ember CLI will have ember generate doctor check:service-health.

This command will generate the following directory structure in the root of the project:


When ember doctor is ran we simply will do a merge of the default checks and the ones provided by the application.

There should also be a way of excluding checks to be ran. Developers should be able to simply pass flags for things they do not care to run e.g. ember doctor --skip=npm,os.

Addon Design

Much like the project addons can add their own diagnostics as projects. In the addons main entry point there will be a hook much like includedCommands that allows Ember CLI to look up the diagnostics and role them into the consuming project.

var checks = require('./checks');
includedChecks: function() {
  return checks;

Expected Output

Output of running the doctor command should be as concise as possible. Unless there are any issues with the project that is being analyzed, the output should be something like the following:

Success: All diagnostics checked out fine.

In the event that there is an issue with the project that is being analyzed the output will look something like the following:

Warning: NPM modules out of date. Below are the out of date modules.
║ Name │ Yours │ Current ║
║ glob │ 1.1.2 │ 1.2.3   ║


This adds "yet another thing" to the Ember CLI API surface. Doctor will be bound to a network connection such as checking outdated dependencies.


There have been other other attempts to put checking for system level checking in various places. The BDFL's would like to consolidate this into an ember doctor command.

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