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7/10/2015 7/29/2015
  • ember-cli: v1.13.5
  • CLI


Enable Subresource Integrity [SRI] checks by default.


To promote the use of SRI in Ember apps as a safe default. Applications should be built with integrity attributes when it is safe to do so. (Unfortunately the main advantage won't be met by default, however confirming one attribute will)

This solves having poisoned CDN content: An introduction to JavaScript-based DDoS

Detailed design

Install ember-cli-sri by default.

  • Applications with relative paths will get SRI.
  • Applications with SRI.crossorigin will get SRI on fingerprint.prepend assets
  • Applications with fingerprint.prepend and origin specified and matching get a SRI.crossorigin of anonymous on fingerprint.prepend assets

By default development environments wont run SRI for performance reasons.

Further explanation available in: ember-cli-sri


  • SRI won't always be on for sites with prepend due to SRI requiring CORS.
  • CORS requirement adds a barrier to entry to some users.
  • Broken SRI attrs would break the application.


No other alternatives appear suitable.

Unresolved questions

  • Adding origin attribute to add a safe same-origin check that doesn't need CORS.
  • Could users be warned until they explicitly set SRI.enabled = false or SRI.crossorigin =?