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It should be possible to white- and/or blacklist addons in EmberApp.


If there are two (or more) EmberApps, it's very likely that not all applications need all addons. E.g. if there is a main page application and one application for embeddable widgets, the main page might need all sorts of addons like ember-modal-dialog which adds completely useless bytes to widgets javascript and css files for the widgets. Other addons may add useless initializers or other things that have runtime performance penalties for no benefit.

Detailed design

When EmberApp ctor gets passed a blacklist like this

    addonBlacklist: ['ember-modal-dialog']

it won't add addons whose name matches ember-modal-dialog to the list of addons for this app, just as if the addon's isEnabled() hook returned false.

C.f., this is also were I would add this check.

Whitelist could work analogously.


  • It adds a bit of API surface while you (possibly) don't care for the multiple app use case of ember-cli.

  • It kinda makes the name of an addon public api, so people might change it, not noticing they are breaking people's build (and people might not notice it either). Some addons have names like Ember CLI ic-ajax which seems awkward to use as an identifier.


  • Add a unified way to enable/disable an addon via normal config
    • if that is added one day, the white/blacklist could still be an abstraction for that

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