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Give blueprint generators the ability to clean up old files.


We want to eliminate the noise of having old files laying after updating ember-cli using ember init.

Detailed design

We'd like an API for blueprints to delete files instead of only create. It would be essentially syntactic sugar for removing the file yourself in an afterInstall hook. It would be a returned array on the blueprint's index.js.

// ember-cli/bluprints/blah/index.js
module.exports = {
  // ...

  get oldFilesToRemove() {
    return [

How We Teach This

The guides could use this addition in the blueprints section, but I envision it being used by mostly power users.

A changelog entry should be sufficient to teach this.


The only reason to not do this is to hold out for a large blueprint reworking. We would be locked into this API.


The key name can be bikeshed. I chose oldFilesToRemove to be verbose and explicit, but it can be changed.