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  • ember-cli: v3.17.0
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Remove from projects generated by ember-cli.

ember-cli-eslint is an addon designed to show lint errors during test runs. Tooling around eslint has improved enough where this feature may no longer be necessary.

To be clear, the proposal is not to remove linting in tests. It is to follow the rest of JavaScript community and follow the standard tooling process.

There are multiple ways to run eslint:

  1. Integration with editors
  2. Utilize precommit hooks with eslint
  3. Support a standard way to run eslint (such as yarn lint:js)

We can also discuss configuring testem to automatically run eslint as part of yarn test


  1. Improve our build speed
  2. Simplicity. eslint is common among JS stack, and integrations with editors / precommit-hooks are ubiquitous. Removing this layer of abstraction will simplify how eslint is used throughout ember-cli. Most editors have plugins available for eslint, and as long as the .eslint.rc is not removed, we should still see the benefits of eslint in our Ember projects.
  3. Hacks required to support features such as PR #122 broccoli-lint-eslint

Detailed design

  1. Change blueprint to pull in eslint as opposed to ember-cli-eslint under devDependencies.
  2. Provide documentation on eslint and editor integration as well as precommit hooks

Redefine npm test or yarn test (depending on whether the --yarn option was used to create project) to

ember test && npm run lint:js && npm run lint:hbs


ember test && yarn lint:js && yarn lint:hbs

How We Teach This

Providing documentation regarding how to run linting should suffice as well as documentation to editor integration.

Deleting abstractions and going towards a explicit path, eslint within the ember-cli ecosystem becomes easier to teach.


  1. No console warnings during builds
  2. lint failures are no longer included in browser tests


  1. Leave ember-cli-eslint alone

Unresolved questions