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The goal of this RFC is to remove the data-adapter, injectStore, transforms, and store Ember application initializers that Ember Data injects into apps. The ember-data initializer will not be changed and any code that previously depended on the ordering of these initializers (via the before or after properties on an initalizer) can be changed to use the ember-data initializers for ordering.


The initializers data-adapter, injectStore, transforms, and store have not been used by Ember Data since Apr 8, 2014. However, they are still injected into every Ember app that depends on Ember Data because existing apps may depend on these initializers for ordering their own initializers to run before or after Ember Data's setup code.

Removing these initializers will help reduce the amount of code Ember Data needs to support.

Since these initializers are noop functions that run after the ember-data initializer, any initializers that depends on one of the deprecated initializers listed in this rfc can easly be replaced by depending on the ember-data initializer instead.

Detailed design

Ember Data's instance initializer will start checking for any initializers whose before or after properties depend on one of these deprecated initalizer. If it finds an initalizer that references one of the deprecated initalizers, Ember Data will then log a deprecation message that states the name of the offending initalizers and suggest changing the before or after property (the deprecation message will refer to the correct property dynamically) to depend on Ember Data instead.

This deprecation message will continue to appear until Ember Data 3.0.0 when these initalizers and the deprecation code will be finally removed.

How We Teach This

This change should have no impact on how we teach Ember or Ember Data. The initalizers that will be removed have been unused for a long time and are not mentioned anywhere in today's guides or API docs.

Users who need to run initalizer code before or after Ember Data injects the store into routes should be taught to use before: 'ember-data', or after: 'ember-data' on their initializers.


  • This change will require users who depend on these deprecated initalizers to update their code.


  • We could leave the noop initalizers in Ember Data and continue to support them in Ember Data 3.0.0 and beyond.

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