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4/26/2017 8/31/2017
  • ember-source: v2.15.0
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This RFC proposes allowing parameters to be passed to the {{mount}} syntax.


This will enable developers to pass contextual data into routeless engines at runtime, allowing individual engines to be used multiple times through a single application under different contexts.

An example could be a dashboard of charts where each chart is a routeless engine. Each chart could be of a different type and would require different data. This RFC would enable the following:

{{!-- app/templates/application.hbs --}}
{{#each charts as |chart|}}
  {{mount "chart" type=chart.type}}

Detailed design

You can see the implementation for this RFC here.

Implementing this functionality turns out to be relatively straight forward. With routeless engines already supporting an application controller, we can use this as a means of providing access to the parameters.

Parameters would be passed to the {{mount}} syntax in the same way that they are currently passed to components and helpers.

{{mount "foo" bar="baz"}}

These parameters would then be set as the model property on the engines application controller; making them accessible from both a JS and HBS context.

// foo/controllers/application.js
import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Controller.extend({

  actions: {
    exampleAction() {
      let barParam = this.get("");

{{!-- foo/templates/application.hbs --}}
The value of the bar param is: {{}}

How We Teach This

This RFC re-uses concepts that are already heavily used throughout other areas of the framework.

Updates will need to be made to the Ember API docs and guides in order to explain that routeless engines can now accept parameters being passed via the {{mount}} syntax.

In addition, updates would need to include examples of both how to pass parameters to {{mount}} as well as how any passed parameters can be accessed from within the context of an engine.


Increased risk of runtime dependencies [reference]

This RFC does increase the risk of introducing runtime dependencies.


import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  geo: Ember.inject.service('geolocation')
{{mount "blog" (hash geo=geo)}}


Application route model hook

This solution suggested that the parameters were provided to the engines application route via the model hooks params argument. While viable, this solution didn't feel quite right as you were using a route within a routeless engine.

Introduction of new routelessEngine primitive

This solution suggested that routeless engines should be given their own primitive similar to that of a component. The primitive would follow a construct to components and use the same hooks (e.g., didReceiveAttrs) for working with parameters.

This solution was decided against for following main reasons:

  1. The current public API is that we use application controller to back the application.hbs of a route-less engine. Adding a new conceptual primitive here would be a fairly difficult change without breakage.
  2. Introducing a new primitive (e.g. not controller and not a component) is a very heavy handed thing, and should not be taken lightly. We don't think this rises to that level of need.
  3. This is an ideal case for "just using a component", but that would be roughly akin to "routable components" and we should follow Ember's lead. When routeable components are introduced, we can refactor this in the same way with the same backwards compatibility guarantees.

Unresolved questions

Positional parameters

In addition to supporting named parameters, should the {{mount}} syntax also support positional parameters? If so, should this be covered in this RFC, or in a follow up RFC?