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11/20/2017 3/11/2019
  • ember-source: v3.11.0
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Deprecate Function.prototype.on, Function.prototype.observes and


This RFC proposes to deprecate Function.prototype.on, Function.prototype.observes and


Ember has been moving away from extending native prototypes due to the confusion that this causes users: is it specifically part of Ember, or JavaScript?

Continuing in that direction, we should consider recommending the usage of on (@ember/object/evented), observer (@ember/object) and computed (@ember/object) as opposed to their native prototype extension equivalents. We go from two ways to do something, to one.

eslint-plugin-ember already provides this as a rule.

Transition Path

The replacement functionality already exists in the form of on, observer, and computed.

We don't need to build anything new specifically, however, the bulk of the transition will be focused on deprecating the native prototype extensions.

A codemod for this deprecation has to take into consideration that while foo: function() { /* custom logic */ }.property('bar') is a Function.prototype extension, foo: observer(function () { /* some custom logic */ }).on('customEvent') is not.

How We Teach This

On the deprecation guide, we can showcase the same example as above. We can explain why the proposal was necessary, followed by a set of examples highlighting the deprecated vs current style.

Borrowing from the ESLint plugin example:

import { computed, observer } from '@ember/object';
import { on } from '@ember/object/evented';

export default Component.extend({
  // deprecated
  abc: function() { /* custom logic */ }.property('xyz'),
  def: function() { /* custom logic */ }.observe('xyz'),
  ghi: function() { /* custom logic */ }.on('didInsertElement'),
  jkl: function() { /* custom logic */ }.on('customEvent'),

  // current
  abc: computed('xyz', function() { /* custom logic */ }),
  def: observer('xyz', function() { /* custom logic */ }),
  didInsertElement() { /* custom logic */ }),
  jkl: on('customEvent', function() { /* custom logic */ }),

The official Guides currently discourage the use of Function.prototype extensions:

Function is extended with methods to annotate functions as computed properties, via the property() method, and as observers, via the observes() method. Use of these methods is now discouraged and not covered in recent versions of the Guides.

After the deprecated code is removed from Ember, we need to remove the section about Function prototypes altogether.