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3/28/2018 12/9/2019
  • ember-source: v3.15.0
  • Framework


The aim of this RFC is to deprecate the component's isVisible property. It is not used by Ember internally and left undefined unless manually set. It's poorly documented and component visibility it better managed in template space rather than JS.


Setting the isVisible property on a component instance as a way to toggle the visibility of the component is confusing. The majority of its usage predates even Ember 1.0.0, and modern Ember applications already completely avoid using isVisible in favor of simpler conditionals in the template space.

In addition, when isVisible is used today it often introduces subtle (and difficult to track down) bugs due to its interaction with the style attribute (toggling isVisible clobbers any existing content in style).

Simply put, removing isVisible will reduce confusion amongst users.

Transition Path

Whenever isVisible is used a deprecation will be issued with a link to the deprecation guide explaining the deprecation and how to refactor in order to avoid it.

Given that Component#isVisible is a public API, deprecating now would schedule for removal in the next major version release (4.0).

There are several options available to hiding elements such as <div hidden={{boolean}}></div>(hidden is valid for all elements and is semantically correct) or wrapping the component in a template conditional {{#if}} statement. Components classNames and classNameBindings could also be used to add hidden classes.

How We Teach This

The isVisible property is rarely used, the deprecation along with a mention in a future blog post would be sufficient.

We should consider adding documentation on hiding components to the Ember guides with the conditional handlebar helper or via the widely supported hidden attribute.

{{#if showComponent}}

{{! or }}
<div hidden={{isHidden}}></div>


An alternative option would be to to keep isVisible.