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2/1/2021 5/3/2021
  • ember-source: v3.27.0
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Deprecate the Ember Global


Deprecate the Ember global, window.Ember, and replace it fully with import Ember from 'ember';


The Ember global, available at window.Ember (or globalThis.Ember in all environments) is a mostly legacy API from before Ember adopted native ES modules. Modern Ember apps do not use the global, and in general it is mostly used by legacy code and occasionally in examples. However, it still exists and remains undeprecated.

The primary motivation for deprecating the global object is for tree shaking purposes. Because the global object is assigned eagerly to window.Ember whenever Ember is loaded, it essentially means that every Ember application implicitly uses every single API that is exported on the global object. This means that we cannot tree shake any of those APIs, and we must in fact load them all eagerly and execute all of their code as soon as Ember is loaded.

While it is tempting to remove the Ember object altogether, there are a number of undeprecated legacy and intimate APIs that are only available through this object, such os Ember.meta. This is why this RFC proposes only deprecating accessing Ember via window.Ember/globalThis.Ember. Instead, users will have to import Ember using standard ES module syntax if they want to use it.

import Ember from 'ember';

This ensures there is an explicit dependency if it is used, and which will allow us to treeshake in the future if nothing imports Ember. In time, we will be able to deprecate the Ember object altogether.

Transition Path

When the Ember object is defined on the global, we will create a getter for it that also issues a deprecation. Users who currently use the global will have to add import Ember from 'ember'; at the top of the files in which they use it.

How we teach this

Deprecation Guide

Accessing Ember on the global context (e.g. window.Ember, globalThis.Ember, or just Ember without importing it) is no longer supported. Migrate to importing Ember explicitly instead.


export default class MyComponent extends Ember.Component {
  // ...


import Ember from 'ember';

export default class MyComponent extends Ember.Component {
  // ...

Alternatively, consider converting to use the Ember modules API equivalent to the API you are using:

import Component from '@ember/component';

export default class MyComponent extends Component {
  // ...

If there is no modules API equivalent, consider refactoring away from using that API.


  • Introduces churn in legacy codebases

  • Some polyfills and addons use Ember in places where the modules API is not available, such as in vendor files. These are advanced use cases in general, and there are possible workarounds (such as using the require global function), so this shouldn't block us from removing the global.


  • Keep the global indefinitely.