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EmberData | Deprecate Helper Functions


Deprecates the exported util functions errorsHashToArray errorsArrayToHash and normalizeModelName that were recommended for deprecation by the RFC#395 packages


These utils are a legacy remnant of when parts of the codebase were shared with each other by a DS global. Over time their utility has shrunk and today they no longer align with the direction of error management or type constraints.

Detailed design

Users would receive a build-time deprecation when importing these methods using the paths specified in RFC#395 packages.

They would receive a run-time deprecation when using these methods via the DS global.

The deprecation would target 5.0 and would become enabled no-sooner than 4.1 (although it may be made available before then).

Users making use of these methods can trivially copy them into their own codebase to continue using them, though we recommend refactoring to a more direct conversion into the expected errors format. For refactoring normalizeModelName we also recommend following RFC#740 Deprecate Non-Strict Types.

How we teach this

Generally usage has not been widely observed and these are not methods commonly shown in examples or docs. We should make sure to audit for usages and remove them if they exist.


A trivial amount of churn for users that did utilize them.


Leave them to waste away.