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Ember cookbook proposal


Adding a cookbook section to our learning resources will help Ember developers to learn maintainable, accessible patterns for common tasks.


Ember docs in its current state are missing how-to guides that would provide goal-oriented answers / patterns to common problems Ember developers face on a daily basis. For example, if someone wants to learn how to handle a form submission, they would have to look at blog posts. Additionally, many Ember users over the years have requested a cookbook-like resource. Early versions of Ember had a resource like this, but it was removed in 1.13.

Detailed design


Ember-cookbook will be a repo under ember learn. We start by introducing an Ember Cookbook section in the ember docs dropdown.

Currently, there is a lot of material out there in the form of blogs, stackoverflow answers and efforts like Ember Atlas. The challenge is to make sure they are discoverable. An official Ember cookbook will be a great way to officially endorse patterns, since not all patterns found on all blogs can be trusted.

Sourcing information for the cookbook can be done a few ways: Officially endorsing existing articles and blogs Monitoring most asked questions on stackoverflow Create entries for really good explanations from the ember forum. Create sections that would make it easier for the developer to navigate through the different guides. Ember-data's adapter/serializer cookbook articles can go under a specific section called "Ember Data" within the cookbook.

For the MVP we can include the following articles and topics, or similar content. How to create a grid/table with Ember Data and creating a CRUD form with Ember data Show or Hiding content based on current Route Synchronising query parameters with a component Ember without Ember Data Updating entries from previous cookbook

Contributing & Maintaining

The Ember learn team will manage this repository and will guide what goes into the cookbook. In addition, we could have a set of volunteers sign up to add content to the cookbook regularly. Some of the tasks to maintain the cookbook would include, Monitoring stack overflow and other forums to come up with most-asked questions Work closely with the Ember Core team on upgrades to add, modify or delete information from Ember Guides.

A cookbook template will be used to keep all the entries uniform. The template would contain the following sections,


This is an intro section that lets someone know what they will learn by the time they are done reading.

The challenge

Lay out the example and the problem you are trying to solve


The steps someone should take to get to the end result. Use headings to describe steps and not numbers.


When you are finished, here's how it should work


Links to Guides and API go here. Also include ways that someone could build upon this knowledge.


After reading this recipe you should now know what is a cookbook and what is the templete that Ember recipes follow.

Learn more

Launch strategy

The cookbook articles will be drafted in markdown format. Once there is a critical mass of 5 articles, they can be published. The cookbook will be hosted at The cookbook will use Guidemaker, similar to We will mention it in the Ember Newsletter. To Evangelize it further, we can share the links on social media and as answers to stackoverflow questions.


We can show a single version of the recipe and have a “last updated at” and a field that shows the range of versions that it is applicable to. This would make it easier to maintain.

What kinds of content belong in the Cookbook? One challenge for the cookbook is determining where content belongs.

Today, Ember has the following key learning resources: The Super Rentals Tutorial The Ember Guides The CLI Guides The API docs Community-maintained learning resources like blogs, videos, and livestreams

We know that something may belong in the cookbook if we answer yes to the following questions:

  • The concept can be explained in an article that would take less than 10 mins to read
  • The concept is not already shown in the Super Rentals tutorial
  • The article helps show how to put together multiple Ember features to achieve a goal.
  • The article is trying to demonstrate a pattern, not teach a concept. For example, if we are showing how to use a model hook to accomplish something, we are not explaining what a model hook is.
  • It is narrowly tailored to solve a single problem
  • It shows how to solve a problem that Ember apps may commonly face. For example, managing a dropdown menu or creating a form are common. Integrating WebRTC is not.
  • The article goal can be accomplished without installing new addons, with the exception of addons mentioned in the Guides.

Removal of recipes If a topic becomes obsolete for any reason, we could add a warning at the top. An archived section for outdated things would help with this. This way the links stay forever but hidden in a section. This way it will serve as an example of which pattern is deprecated.


We will need to maintain the cookbooks as we have major Ember version upgrades.

Language support

The Ember documentation serves a global community. The cookbook aims to be a resource that could be translated into multiple languages after the initial content settles. The translations would be found under the same domain,