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11/8/2022 5/15/2023
  • ember-source: 5.0.0
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Deprecate ember-mocha


This RFC proposes to officially deprecate ember-mocha.

Consequently, this would also deprecate support for ember-mocha when generating test blueprints. Both ember-source and ember-data have logic to determine the presence of ember-mocha in order to use the appropriate test blueprints.


ember-mocha has been unmaintained for a while now. The last release was published on Jun 16, 2019. It also seems this release is not compatible with Ember v4. Instead of letting ember-mocha slowly fade away, it feels better to officially deprecate it and clearly communicate this to the community.

Additional benefits:

  • Having only ember-qunit, saves developers the time and effort of having to make a choice between ember-mocha and ember-qunit
  • The Ember.js ecosystem can fully focus on building functionality around one testing framework

Transition Path

We should:

  • Update ember-mocha's README to state that ember-mocha is officially deprecated, and that users should consider migrating to ember-qunit instead
  • Officially mark ember-mocha as deprecated on the npm registry
  • Update the test-framework detectors in ember-source and ember-data to deprecate support for ember-mocha:
  • Write a small guide that explains how to migrate from ember-mocha to ember-qunit

Possible Migration Strategy

1. Install ember-qunit And Its Required Peer Dependencies

Required peer dependencies:

Please note that, at the time of writing, ember-qunit also requires you to run ember-source v3.28 or higher.

Please refer to the official app blueprint for a complete setup of all these packages:

2. Migrate Your Tests One by One

Please refer to this commit for an exhaustive example on how to migrate your tests.

We also recommend using one of the following codemods, to speed up this process:

3. Clean up All References to Mocha

This includes (but not limited to):

  • References and packages in your package.json file
  • References in your .eslintrc.js file
  • References in custom test blueprints, if you have any
  • References in documentation

4. Install eslint-plugin-qunit And qunit-dom

We also recommend to install and use eslint-plugin-qunit and qunit-dom.

  • eslint-plugin-qunit provides useful ESLint rules for QUnit
  • qunit-dom provides high-level DOM assertions for QUnit

Though these packages aren't required to complete the migration, they will help you in writing better tests for QUnit. These packages are also part of the official app blueprint.

How We Teach This

References to ember-mocha should be removed from all learning materials, for example:



People using ember-mocha will have to migrate to using ember-qunit instead at some point. This feels like a large migration to take on (depending on project size), though I have no experience with this.


If there is any interest, we could also consider transferring ember-mocha to the Adopted Ember Addons organisation on GitHub?

Unresolved questions

None at the moment.