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Make (hash) a built in helper


Today, when using gjs/gts/<template>, in order to make objects in a template, folks must import the (hash) helper. Because creating objects is fairly commonplace, this is an annoyance for developers, especially as almost every other language has object literal syntax.

This RFC proposes that (hash) be built in to glimmer-vm and not require importing.


Arrays and Objects are not only very common to create, they are essential tools when yielding data out of components.

There is alternate motivation to implement literals for arrays and objects, but that is a bigger can of worms for another time.

Detailed design

This change would affect strict-mode only. This is so that today's existing code that imports hash from @ember/helper will still work due to how values defined locally in scope override globals.

The behavior of hash would be the same as it is today, but defined by default in the glimmer-vm.

Being built in can give folks confidence that each property in the hash is individually reactive.

How we teach this

Once implemented, the guides, if they say anything about gjs/gts/<template> and hash by the time this would be implemented, would only remove the import.

The guides should also detail which functions are built in to the framework and, therefore, do not need to be imported.


People may not know where hash is defined.

  • counterpoint: do they need to?



Unresolved questions